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After a short breakfast we head off to wards Mongolia. Russian roads are good, so we make good progress. But even on good roads 700km are too much for us and we camp next to a small River in the russian woods. And - even more unfortunately - we lost our russian friend, who was ahead of us with the bike when we decided to end our day.


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Time to leave Kasakhstan behind us and enter Russia. A lengthy border passing and a first good lunch in Russia. Unfortunately our target Barnaul is a bit far away and there is nothing in between where to stay for the night. Finally we find a hostel in the city center of Barnaul. Is is already 2 in the morning.


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If you find any typos in this blog, please feel free to keep them. I still have more then enough in stock, which I plan to distribute amongst the next updates.

All the typing happens after a more or less long drive on tough roads in tough environments in a luxury car. Please do not expect, that I care much about correct spelling, correct grammar (anyway, I have the bonus of English not being my language :-), on a shitty laptop and proof reading...

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Next day of Kasachstan Steppe. Only exciting event on the road: we pass the 15000km mark. In Pawlodar had the german-german reunion. Mathis waited for us and he finds us - what would you expect where? - in a restaurant. He brings a Russian guy with him, who joined some countries before. We will continue our tour with him.


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Getting up late, having instant noodles for breakfast in the hotelroom we start for another day through boring, cold, windy steppe. At least we see a loneley camel- One be prepared to be filmed by tourists for money :-( We reach our target Karagandy in the afternoon, which allowed us to go out for dinner in 2 different restaurants - a sign for the increasing health state of both of us.


Found a place to sleep in the middle of a quarter of apartment buildings in a block which does not look turstworthy from outside but offers a decent apartment insides.


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