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Nice start of the day: we were visited by a dog. A big dog. A unfriendly dog. A very unfriendly dog.
Not a good time to leave the car. The dog was really unfriendly.
Good that we arrived so late yesterday that we did not put anything out of the car,
so we were able to leave the place without leaving the car and been eaten by the dog.
A day which can only become better. OK, the second time I lost a shoe.
Must have been fallen out of the car when we went to bed. Ah did I mention the dog?
Don´t know if it was him, but the shoe was gone. Starting towards Cappadocia, where we took some pictures,
but no success buying shoes. This mission was finished further eastwards in a absolutely unknown city,
where we also stocked up our supplies for the night. To spend the night,
we found a beautiful place next to a little river.
Grilling biftek without being visited by dogs, bears or any other nasty animals.
Other people go to Turkey for summer vacation because it is warm there. Bullshit.
The night was damned cold - we were above 1800 meters.

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Time to continue eastwards. Knowing the appointment at the Armenian Iran border on Sunday, it was time to hurry up.
Making it towards Konia, where we found only some kilometers outside a place to stay for the night.

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Leaving Canakkale via the coastroad towards Selcuk. First time to do some real tourist stuff: The visit of Troja.
Continuing to pass a million of traffic lights towards the ever smelly bay of Izmir, finally arriving at Selcuk,
where we were welcomed by friends to share some teks of Raki.

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Break day. A day at the beach with fruitless fishing efforts and lot of talking.
A quite busy relaxing day if you know a lot of people you only meet a couple of times a year...
At least there was time for a haircut and a shave, as ususal in Turkey with tea and  massage included.
The evening ending up with a barbecue on the roof destroying the Raki remainders from the day before.
Seems the relaxing effect of the break day is around 0. At least looking forward to tomorrow morning...

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This is the day which brings life into the tour. The transfagarasan. The 7C leads us through amazing mountains up to 2000 meters. Yesterday peaople reported about warm beers, with typo about a bear Problem. We found the cause! Lots of ralliers in the evening at the Party in Constanta. Many beers, loud, went to bad early after the second day driving for almost 12 hours.


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