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And again sightseeing. Not the big program, but at least the Sukhbaatar square with the government palace. Unfortunately we find an Irish pub next to it where we also meet other ralliers. The end of the sightseeing tour. Later in the afternoon I join the British team to visit the big Chinggis statue some kilometers eastwards. Thanks god they had a spare seat in their car. The road would have been the end for our little car. Of course we finish the trip with a shot of Chinggis in the Chinggis statue. The day ends with a team meeting in the Irish pub - at least for us, the rest is doing a more intensive check of the Mongolian nightlife - even if it is cold and windy.


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Doing the rest of the unpaved road we hit the next city a bit too early for the night and decide to continue for another hour. Of course hitting the night in about 2000 meters altitude in the middle of nothing, but at least on a road. Sleeping in the hills, we find out than Mongolia is cold and windy.


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Getting up early (you really believe this?) we started our last 500 kilometers towards Ulan Baator. Roads are paved but not really good. The welds of the Altai mechanic are not really the best and we have doubts about the condition of our car. Nevertheless, we make it to Ulan Baator, the capital of Mongolia, the initial finish of the Mongol Rally. A good time to celebrate the success with a couple of beers.


Even the Capital of Mongolia is cold and windy!


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Back on the road again! Knowing about 120 kilometers of road and another 300 kilometers of non-road ahead of us we started moving again. Of course we end up about half way to the next town and camp again in the nowhere. Mongolia stays cold and windy.


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