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At leat we managed to get up early. Our stuff is already packed and we are going to start soon. Not going back into town but heading diretcly towards 7C - the transfagarasan
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Following yesterday´s evening we had to stay a bit longer in Budapest and started only after ten. Another day through rather boring areas just to make miles. Some detours into the mountains brought at least some abbreviation. Made a city tour through Sibiu. Must be a nice city. A pity that we did not see it because it was already nighttime when we arrived there. Another hour searching for a place to stay for a short night. Tomorrow we are going to start our day a bit earlier.

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For sure not one of the most exciting days of the trip. But what should we expec? Leaving home, driving through the well known neighbourhood. Not even a chance to get lost. Also the car runs like a charm. Heading now for the ruin party.

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Arrival in Goodwood. The big hammer: we are not on the list. Parking at the North Corner to clear Things up. At the end it was my own fault not to propagate the Change of my number plate from the legacy "RO" to the new "AIB". Finally we everything was cleared and could start to contact the other Teams with their vehicles. There is no way to describe this afternoon with so many People from different countries with so many amazing cars.

When starting the BBQ we recognized that our kitchen box is still waiting at home to be picked up on our drive through in BA 2 days later. At the end everybody could get a warm meal - thanks to team effort!

And we will find out why bavarian beer got more fans than the official MR beer :-)

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