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The Duckologists

Mongol Rally 2016

The Duckologists are going for the Mongol Rally 2016. We are two people: Korbinian Fischbacher and Thomas Schadeck forming the team of the Duckologists. The name is adapted from our car, which is a 2CV, which is called "Ente" in german - "Duck" in english. We are located in Bad Aibling, a little town in Bavaria in the very south of Germany.

The event starts at Sunday, July 17th 2016. You will aready be able to follow us a couple of days in advance on our way to the Start Line in South England. Just select ROUTE on the menu on the top.

The Mongol Rally is a big charity event. So we need YOUR help! While following us, please donate to CoolEarth via the donation link above.
Thanks for your support
     The Duckologists, Korbi  und Tom

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