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Only a short trip of 40km ahead of us before entering Armenia. Yesterday it was dark, so we did not see them.
But the daylight showed us the reality: Georgia is a big open air museum of potholes.
In other countries (India excluded) you occassionally find a pothole, in Georgia you occassionaly find
a bit of street between the potholes - but only very lucky people ever have actually found one.
Entering Armenia was the typical stuff: A bit of paperwork, a lot of time spent for staff taking pictured of the car,
showing engine, etc. Roads are better then in Georgia, but a while later it started: Mountains.
Mountains, wherever you look, mountains, whereever you drive. Not small ones, big ones, high ones, very high ones.
And all roads lead over the top of each and every mountain in the area. And these are not toy mountains.
This is rough environment with real conditions like weather.
This causes us to turn back when trying to pass the highest one.
An upcoming thunderstorm makes the decision easy to turn back and reach altitudes below 2000 meters.
Even there the wind is strong enough to make you seasick sleeping in the car.
Final thought of the day: Driving an exotic car is quite funny, because you appear like a pink elephant, but sometimes it
becomes nasty to be stopped by every police contol, only because the guys want to see the car, ask how old it is and take
some pictures.

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