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Next try to pass the next mountain. 2535 meters, but our car takes everything.
Armenia turns out to be a country with more mountains than any other one.
Up and down to the Iran border. Lot´s of fun and other Ralliers there.
Whoever wants to exit Armenia to Iran, remember this order of desks you need to visit: 3-2-5-bank-2-custombroker.
Entrance into Iran without problems. ah, the typical photo sessions, of course.
Iran turns out to be a country with more mountains than any other one.
Following a good advice from a local led us to Tabriz. It was effectively shorter (150km instead of 100km),
faster (5 hours mountain roads instead of 2 hours highway) but finally we arrived.
In the meantime we were escorted by the police to the next petrol station and a restaurant. In the mountains and here in Tabriz we experienced the friendliness of the people, which is reported by all Iran travellers.
For example a late dinner. Asking after midnight for food at the only location with lights on was initially
not successful, but then the guys called as back, when we were already leaving into the direction they showed us,
and the restarted their oven to cook for us. 5 people doing overtime late night just for two hungry foreigners.
Today I almost destroyed our car by entering a open drain in the middle of the street. Thanks god it is robust
enough to survive and we could continue after some locals help us lifting it out, back to the street.

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